"Diary" Cameroon 1 - Juni 2012 - "Furlough in Holland"

Old Diary of Papua New Guinea

March 2012 we arrived at Schiphol airport after 4 school "years" at Malango School Hoskins - Papua New Guinea. Because of the dynamics on the missionfield this school is temporary closed.

We had a wonderful time with New Tribes Mission at Hoskins. At the other hand it is great to see your own children again and spend time with them.



Our children met us at the airport. Wow, what a blessing! Afterwards we had a good time of fellowship at Gideon's house in Lelystad.


Our gandchildren (top left) and adoptive grandchild.

Roelie acts especially as babysitter for Matthieu, for Wietske is very busy completing her college and teaching at a primary school.

Roelie as babysitter


We were spoiled with good cars. First we had a Renault 19 ... lateron we got a very economic Peugeot 406 diesel. A wonderful car!

The first month we stayed with our kids. In May we got a bungalow in Ermelo - a beautiful place in in Holland at the edge of the forest - special for missionaries on furlough.

Roelie and our bungalow

A special foundation ("Hand") provided warm clothes for us. This foundation also provides cars for missionaries, computersystems for mission centers etc. Wonderful people.

Left an old friend from the Belgium Evangelic Mission, who works now for this "Hand" foundation, preparing one of the cars for missionaries.

On the right Nanne Groot on the NTM mission day in Holland,
where Sinco and Jan and Annette played their role as well.


Left: dental care. A christian dentist did a great job, so that we are ready for the nearby future!


Right: In april we had a weekend
with our whole family.
Holland was cold.
We caught a cold for weeks.




Wietske with her family


Right: our two grandchildren have a good time together



Left: our home church "De Pijler". www.pijler.nl. Sinco gives biblestudies, we have a sundayschool program, presentations for groups. July 8 Sinco preaches "Co-workers in God's Kingdom" - Collosenzen 4:7-18.

The grandchildren are quiet watching a movie.

Sinco made a movie of all small fragments with tractors... a success!
Our grandson watched this movie over 30x and he knows exactly what kind of tractor and what kind of farmwork takes place.


Eating "pancakes" with the whole family.

Next to Roelie (left picture): Ruth,married with Roeland (front).
They expect their first child halfway June.

Gideon and Jamie are visible at the back.
They will get married September 3.

Gideon and Jaimie again!



Roeland, Ruth and Manuela visit us in our bungalow in Ermelo

and we have a nice walk through the forest.


The forest has its advantages and disadvantages. Here a tree-marten (protected) who made her place in our roof. A lot of noise and hard work/damage. The whole night she is working.

The first few days it was pleasant to watch this animal. Now we try to get rid of this animal, but this is not an easy job.

About May 20 we received the good news that we can go to Cameroon.
NTM accepted us for a second term as associates and seconds us to Wycliffe/SIL to work at Rain Forest International School (RFIS).
This school provides secundary education for mission kids in Cameroon and the neighbouring countries

Sinco will teach some subjects and will be involved in discipline and examination. He leaves for Cameron July 24 and returns for a few days in September for Gideon's wedding.
Roelie stays in Holland till after the wedding, so we will arrive together in Cameroon September 6.
Interesting detail is that Sinco visited the website of this school (www.rfis.org) in 2008 and was surprised that this school was so well organized, an example for him. And now he is allowed to be part of this school. We see it as a privilege.


The school is situated south-east of Yaounde - capital of Cameroon with more than 2 million inhabitants.
Coordinates: 3°48'5.55"N / 11°33'18.68"E (Google Earth)

This city at a height of 700-800 meter has a good climate with an average temperature of 25 degrees C. We will live somewhere in this big city (wonder where and how)
Hoskins Papua New Guinea has a hot moist climate so Yaounde is much more comfortable (though we miss Hoskins!)

View on Yaounde.


Left: With Jan en Annette we visited mutual good friends in Belgium.


Right: We had a week holidays in a caravan, placed in Limburg,
to visit friends in Germany and Belgium.

Manuela (our youngest daughter) spent a few days with us..


Sinco and Manuela in Monschau, a n idyllic city south of Aken (Germany).



Right Roelie and Manuela in Monschau with a "juice"! :)


We visited friends - missionaries in PNG - who live in South Germany with a beautiful view on the alps (mountain range in Switserland and Austria)

They belong to the group of missionaries who leave a very comfortable life and choose to serve under difficult circumstances to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are examples for us and encourage us.

Our prayer is: "Lord help us to honor you and to be a blessing wherever You send us."

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Rain Forest International School
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Pray for reaching this world with God's good message of reconcilliation through faith by Jesus Christ.


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