Rain Forest International School, SIL - BP 1299, Yaounde, Cameroon - Africa

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Cameroon Journal 20 - 1 May 2013

Teachers needed at RFIS, an evangelistic sports tournament, people want to accept Jesus, blubber-work in a fish pond, a new kitten for Roelie, agriculture lessons, "carnaval" at RFIS ... and more .... Read our new "diary" (a monthly diary!)

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Cameroon Journal 18 - Febr 25, 2013

We are fine... Nice contacts with the students, good relations between staff memebers, spiritual growth in students, hard working etc... God blesses us. Enjoy this diary. . .

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Cameroon Journal 10 - Oct 15, 2012

After weeks of radio silence, here we are again. We have been busy, you see. Have a look at Yaounde and our stay here, traffic, holidays etc. There have been a few Dutch diaries where the pictures speak their own story. See the Dutch version.

Greetings from Sinco and Roelie

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Cameroon Journal 6 - Aug 26, 2012

As promised some impressions of my classes, especially grade 7, making pancakes for the new student council, the start of Sinco as school volleybal trainer. Buying a 3 pieces costume in Yaounde etc. Have a look! ...

Cameroon Journal 5 - Aug 19, 2012

This was the first real week of teaching. Hard work to get everything ready. In between nice meals with student families and good times with other Dutchies. It is so good to see that also here in Cameroon missionaries work hard with all they have to spread Gods Word among the tribes. Have a look! ...

Cameroon Journal 4 - Aug 12, 2012

This week school started officially with about 96 students. Classes seem to be really nice. Beside the lessons there was room for all kinds of activities to get to know each other. For me this period has a high workload, because I have to figure out how to give my lessons from new books, new resources, new expectations. Have a look! ...

Cameroon Journal 3 - Aug 05, 2012

Tuesday was a spiritual emphasis day. Dancing and swinging the whole team praised God the African way! Where do you find that in this world? How do you build the house of your life this year: it gets it strength by prayer, bible reading, care for each other etc. Otherwise it tumbles down. Read on! ...


Cameroon Journal 2 - July 28, 2012

Sunday we were together with all our children. Tuesday Sinco left for Cameroon. What a different culture!
Read on! ....

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A new period in our life. Rain Forest International School - Yaounde - Cameroon. We pray that we will be a blessing for the the students at this school and for the missionfield in and around Cameroon. Sinco will arrive in Yaounde July 24 to be in time for the new schoolyear. Roelie wil come later September 6 for Gideon will get married September 3.


Diary - our furlough in Holland - Juni 2012

We enjoy our children, grandchildren and friends. In between we give biblestudies, presentations, preach and that kind of activities.
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